Who is Lesley McNamara
the Prosperity Accountant?

As a single mum, I wanted to finally figure out what to do when I grew up. Business or Art – that was the question! I loved the idea of being an artist but was afraid of being a starving artist so off to UBC I went to start my career as an accountant. I could work and study at the same time… easy right?

Well many years later and a few grey hairs I finished my designation and discovered that I loved helping people with their taxes. That was what accountants were meant to do! Forget the boring formulas and futures markets. I wanted to help people and business owners save on taxes and create prosperity for themselves and their future.

And that’s how I can call myself the prosperity accountant.

I started out with nothing and grew my practice to a six figure business in a few short years. I love my life these days and feel so excited about what’s next for me and my future!

Professionally Certified

L.E. McNamara, Chartered Professional Accountant is licensed in both Alberta and British Columbia, with membership in CPA-AB and CPA-BC associations. This allows us to provide services to clients that have business and personal assets in either province or both provinces.
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What We Believe

We represent taxpayers. As Chartered Professional Accountants, we uphold the values of integrity, fairness, and honesty. We believe in second chances.

We create trust and peace of mind. We connect business owners and individuals to government agencies, and assist in fostering harmonious, respectful communications for all parties.

We build trust and confidence through our zest to be clear, happy and amazing. Being imaginative, fruitful, and innovative allow us to create work flows and environments for collaborative outcomes for all parties.

We are a welcoming community. We embrace all perspectives and work with people to create successful, prosperous lives, both personally and in business.

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